Accidents can happen any time and they occur without any previous history or forecast.  Every business, life and limb needs insurance coverage to cater for such “unfortunate happenings”. A smart insurance service would cover all the possible situations and give you “all that you need in the hour of need”.

This is what we believe in at Lelonek agency and that is how we design and formulate every insurance plan to cover your custom demands. We deal in just about every kind of insurance plan from practical personal insurance and business coverage to business and essential life coverage.

All our expertise and innovation in insurance policy assistance comes with our 70 years of experience in the insurance provision sector. Yes! We have a history to backup our claim of superior quality insurance services. Here is a glimpse into our history:

  • 1946 Was the year when Lelonek was founded by Edward Leonek Sr. We first started our operations out of a house in Cheektowaga, New York
  • It was just a year from our founding that we needed a commercial office to cater for our increasing clientele. It was the time when we established our first office at Broadway Blvd.
  • Still needing bigger premises to cater for our ever expanding business, we relocated to a house at 2471 William st.
  • The next in our expansion came in the form of building a brand new office at 2476 William St (just adjacent to our then location at 2472).
  • It was in 1956 that we were awarded the realty license and we added taxation services to our offered range
  • From a family run business, we expanded our team and Miss Sophie joined our formidable team of insurance experts as clerical insurance customer services representative. This added an extra strength to our range of services and commitment to client welfare.
  • We were never oblivious to modernizing insurance market trends and keeping in line with our tradition to deliver the services as per the dictates of the changing times, Mike Shady purchased and added 20+ markets. This time over, we added the full range of insurance services to include commercial, life and all other types of insurance plans available in the market.

Our 70 years of celebrated history in insurance sector is a testimony to the fact that we have survived the tests of time and modernized our services to satisfy the demands of our ever increasing clientele.

We have “grown” over time and “weathered” many tough scenarios with success. No wonder you get pretty good at doing a job that you have mastered over 70 years.

Join our client base of thousands of happy clients and enjoy the most comprehensive insurance coverage available.